Sales coaching to help individual sales people and teams hit their goals

You’ve done the research. You know what your customers want. You’ve trained your staff. You’ve written the script. But still, it can feel like your staff and your customers are speaking different languages.With Whole Brain® Thinking your employees can factor customer tendencies and preferences into sales and negotiation methods to drive better business results.
How can you spot the future leaders of your business?

How to increase sales in the workplace

Good sales performance is essential to business success. The key to good sales performance is having a deep understanding of the customer and communicating with them in a way that is tailored to them.

If you’re looking to up your team’s sales capability, Whole Brain® Thinking could be the solution. Whole Brain® Thinking will give your sales staff the skills and techniques they need to better understand, connect and engage with your customers, no matter how diverse your customer base.

Effective sales coaching or training can:

Boost revenue

Boost revenue

Whole Brain® Thinking for Teams

Improve productivity


Help close bigger deals

Improve employee satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction

Whole Brain® Thinking for Leadership Development

Aid organisational resilience

Our top sales coaching tools and resources

Many businesses undertake sales training initiatives in the workplace, however, without the right tools to support these initiatives in the long term they often lack tangible value.

At Herrmann, we empower employees and HR professionals to use Whole Brain® Thinking to ensure a real and lasting impact when improving sales.

Discover the following resources to improve sales coaching and results in your workplace.


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