Learning and development strategy: tailor learning for success

There are so many tools available to enhance and extend the learning experience. However, learning and development tools are only truly effective if they are tailored to the individual or team.Using the knowledge of Whole Brain® Thinking and employee preferences, you can develop learning and development plans and strategies tailored to match thinking preferences for maximum benefit.
Learning & Development

Why is learning and development important?

In a fiercely competitive labour market, retaining top talent and improving productivity has never been so critical to business success. When it comes to L&D, 93% of employees say they will stay longer at a company that invests in their career development.

Understanding your team’s Thinking Styles™ helps you to align employee goals and performance to that of the organisation. With this, you are empowered with a unique opportunity to improve nearly all facets of your business through an improved understanding of how to motivate and retain high-performing employees.

With Whole Brain® Thinking underpinning a framework for learning and development you can:


Retain top talent

Retain top talent

Whole Brain® Thinking for Teams

Improve productivity

Boost revenue

Earn more profit

Attract top candidates

Attract in-demand candidates

Increase team knowledge

Increase your team’s knowledge

Our top learning and development ideas and resources

Many businesses implement learning and development plans or strategies in the workplace, however, without the right tools to support these initiatives they often lose traction and end up lacking real value.At Herrmann, we empower employees and HR professionals to use Whole Brain® Thinking to ensure a real and lasting impact when improving personal and professional development.Discover the following resources to tailor learning for success in your workplace.


Training with the Brain in Mind: The application of Brain Dominance Technology to teaching and learning


How to apply learning styles and a Whole Brain® approach to create effective learning

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