Real-world results through Whole Brain® Thinking

For over 30 years, our clients have used Whole Brain® Thinking to improve productivity, innovation, integration, and inclusion. View this selection of case studies to find out how.

Building culture around Whole Brain® Thinking

With clearly stated objectives of creating a company culture that supports communities and creates a fulfilling workplace for employees through understanding and supporting diversity, Bendigo Bank was able to achieve tangible and intangible results based largely on the adoption of Whole Brain® Thinking practices at every level within the organisation.

Telecom NZ

Turning Contact Centres into Customer Loyalty generators

Telecom New Zealand was looking for a way to reduce the volume of subsequent calls and at the same time raise customer loyalty and satisfaction. They rolled out the Whole Brain® program to its frontline customer service team as a foundation for creating service differentiation.


Whole Brain® solution develops the next generation of IBM leaders

IBM was looking to update its highly benchmarked and successful leadership development program and was adamant not to sacrifice quality for efficiency. As increased individual responsibility and new leadership competencies are a necessity in their current business environment, IBM needed to be able to rely on a globally integrated team to get the best business results. Part of that process involved evaluating and improving leadership development offerings that were leading edge in programming, ideas and efficiencies.

A Whole Brain® process yields mergers and acquisitions (M&A) success

It is common practice to try to increase efficiency by adding people to a task. That was appropriate when the task required more muscle; it is not appropriate when the task needs more mind. The issue is, “When you have added the extra people, but you still aren’t getting the results you expected, or needed, what do you do to increase the  productivity/efficiency of a group?” With an understanding of the Whole Brain® Model, and the method Herrmann used to assess thinking preferences, our six-year experiment achieved amazing results in improving productivity.


Product development for a Whole Brained world

What if you could expand a product's appeal beyond its narrow but very devoted fan base? It's a question many companies ask themselves, particularly as innovation becomes key to business growth, competitiveness and success.

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