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5 Tips to Build a Winning Customer Strategy

by | Apr 1, 2022

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What is customer strategy?

Creating loyalty towards your brand is one of the best things you can do for your organisation. Loyal customers will continue to purchase your products or services, are willing to try new products, and they will often share positive reviews around your brand via word of mouth or social media. So how do you create loyal customers and brand advocates? 

Creating a customer strategy is a vital tactic in fostering the best experiences you can for your customers. It means putting each individual customer at the centre of your business. Customer strategy is developing a detailed plan on how you handle interactions with your customers, creating a consistent and pleasant experience throughout the customer’s journey. Customer-focused strategy ensures that your customers will be walking away satisfied and happy when they interact with your brand. 

Leveraging Whole Brain® Thinking can help in creating a winning customer experience strategy for your organisation. As everyone has their own Thinking Styles™, it’s important to develop an understanding of consumer behaviour so you can customise your strategy and teams to drive customer satisfaction. 

We have collated seven of the best ways that you can use the HBDI®, Whole Brain® Thinking, and other techniques to create the best customer strategy to help your organisation win over new customers, and wow your existing ones.

 Map out the customer journey

Creating a customer journey map is a great visual representation of the process the customer will go through when they interact with your business. It can help you to get into the mind of your customers. The four Thinking Styles™ could be used to create different customer journeys for each type of thinker, because not one customer journey can suit all of your customers.

What can be included in a customer journey map?

  • The buying process
  • Customer actions
  • Emotions
  • Pain points
  • Solutions

Identifying how your customers think and feel about each part of the buying process provides great insights that you as an organisation can leverage. If you know what the customers’ expectations and pain points during each step are, you will know how to exceed these expectations and provide them with a memorable service.

Take a personal approach

In today’s climate, customers expect personalised interactions with organisations. Personalisation is a great tactic to implement to create a winning customer strategy. Creating a personal approach for your organisation will look and feel different depending on what industry or type of business you’re in, but some of those personal interactions could look like:

  • Using their first name in any interaction you have with your customers (Email, live chat, phone or in-store).
  • Showing customers personalised product or service recommendations based on their previous search or purchase history.
  • Personalised offers that they will appreciate.

Knowing how your customers think is one of the biggest advantages you can have. So if you give each customer a personal experience best suited to them, it puts you in the best position to win them over as a customer, and get them to return in the future.

It starts from within

Creating a winning customer-focused strategy starts from within your organisation. Using the HBDI®, you can determine what kind of thinkers your employees are. If your customer strategy or customer-facing teams take advantage of Whole Brain® Thinking, they could be able to better innovate and improve processes, improve their problem-solving skills, and take on a personal approach when dealing with customers. 

Some advantages of using Whole Brain® Thinking in your teams are:

  • Improved efficiency 
  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Better customer service 
  • Improved internal and external communication skills

Good customer strategy needs to be built on solid foundations for it to thrive, so your employees are vital in the success of your customer strategy.

Want to learn more about how Whole Brain® Thinking can enhance the customer experience? Watch our Nespresso case study here

Feedback is important

Feedback is crucial when building your customer strategy. Feedback is a great way to improve your customer experience, so it’s important to take the time to collect regular feedback from your customers. Feedback is one of the few ways you can gain true insight into how your customers think, what their pain points are, and what they expect from your organisation. This feedback paints a picture of what your customers want, making it easy for you to replicate it and give them the best experience possible. 

Some ways you can collect feedback from your customers are:

  • Post surveys on your social channels
  • Incentivise your customers to give feedback (Voucher, competition or prizes)
  • Have a feedback option on the confirmation page
  • Monitor other websites to see what customers are saying about your organisation

Companies can be frightened about receiving negative feedback, but negative feedback is often much more enlightening than positive. So while it can be tough hearing all of the negative thoughts customers have about your organisation, it’s an essential insight into creating the best customer experience you can.

What the HBDI® can do for your customer strategy

Herrmann and the HBDI® have helped over 2 million people from 97% of Fortune 100 companies to improve their productivity, innovation and collaboration. So if you need help in building a winning customer strategy, you may like to incorporate the HBDI® and Whole Brain® Thinking as a foundation for your organisation to build upon.

If you want to learn more about how Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI® can help you and your organisation, have a look at how it works here or get in touch and we’ll help you find the right solution. 

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