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Our Top 10 Resources for 2021

by | Mar 12, 2021

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2020 was a year none of us will ever forget, and that’s not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. From the Australian Black Summer bushires, to the Beirut explosion, to the global Black Lives Matter movement and the most contentious US election in history… it was a huge 12 months.

One thing is certain though, the need for better, more inclusive thinking has never been greater! We may be a few months into 2021, but there’s still plenty of time to make this year great. To help you achieve your goals this year we’ve compiled our most popular resources from 2020 – eBooks, whitepapers, webinar recordings and blogs – from Herrmann’s community of inclusive leaders, culture champions, and learning & development catalysts.

1. Going Remote (eBook)

Going Remote eBook

Realise the benefits of the future of work today and make sure your team is operating at its best with this guide for more effective remote work. Based on our own experience as a 100% remote company, this eBook contains insights from our clients across multiple industries. Importantly, there’s actionable tips so you can improve your productivity and collaboration across your entire team. Download the free eBook now.

2. Adaptive Mindsets: building resilience on the other side of COVID-19 lockdowns (Blog)

Adaptive mindsets blog

While lockdowns were incredibly difficult, the COVID-19 crisis showcased the resilience of our community and the ability for opportunities to arise from adversity. Learn about how Whole Brain® Thinking can help build resilience in a post-pandemic world. Read the blog here.

3. Get the most out of your HBDI® profile: Working from home and family life (Blog)

Get the most out of your HBDI® profile blog

In 2020, our new ‘colleagues’ became our family, children and flatmates, so it’s fair to say that our work environment was pretty different. Working from home and spending more time with these colleagues was difficult and (at times) caused some tension! But by using Whole Brain® Thinking, it’s possible to factor in our thinking preferences and make long-term flexible work better. Read the blog here.

4. Can you hear me? Virtual meetings using Whole Brain® Thinking (Webinar)

Can you hear me? Webinar

According to a Gartner HR Survey, 41% of employees said they are likely to work remotely post-coronavirus pandemic. So, chances are many face-to-face meetings will continue to be video calls. Discover how to use the Whole Brain® Model to achieve better results from business video meetings, plus get practical tips on how to avoid the common and sometimes hilarious mistakes that people make! Watch the webinar.

5. Inclusive Leadership (Playbook)

Inclusive Leadership Playbook

If you’re looking to successfully navigate through critical business issues, the Inclusive Leadership Playbook is for you. Whether it’s profitability, change management or other complex issues, in this playbook discover how to turn diversity of thought into business results. Download the playbook here.

6. Better Remote Meetings (Toolkit)

Better Remote Meetings Toolkit

When was the last time you multitasked in a meeting? Drifted off? Got annoyed? Wished you were anywhere else but there? With this toolkit, you’ll receive interactive worksheets and activities to help you do more with the time you have before, during and after every meeting. Make every meeting more productive, useful and engaging. Download the toolkit now.

7. In the Moment Coaching with the HBDI® – Quick & effective strategies for leaders (Webinar)

In the Moment Coaching with the HBDI® webinar

Do you want to take your coaching to the next level? Then join Sangeeta Pilger and Jane Boardman, co-authors of ‘In the Moment Coaching for Leaders’ and learn quick and effective strategies to inspire, connect and excel. Discover how the HBDI® could help you become a more effective and efficient coach. Watch the webinar here.

8. How to move from fear to optimism (Blog)

How to move from fear to optimism blog

Do you know what’s holding you back from taking the next step in your life or career? By using Whole Brain® Thinking to understand how we think, we may be able to confidently overcome our fears and take that next step. Psychologist and Master Trainer Rosemi Fitchett provides strategies to move from fear to optimism on the Herrmann blog. Read the article here.

9. How to adapt (Whitepaper)

How to adapt Whitepaper

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ wasn’t easy but it allowed us to see firsthand the power of cognitive diversity, particularly in remote teams. In our rapidly changing world the burning question still remains, “how will you adapt?”, and perhaps more importantly, continue to adapt! Learn how to harness cognitive diversity to adapt to uncertainty, develop agile leaders, and create resilient organisations in this whitepaper.

10. Building resilience for growth (Webinar)

Building resilience for growth webinar

Today’s uncertain world puts consistent pressure and stress on managers and leaders, requiring them to have and maintain resilience to go beyond surviving to thriving. In this webinar, Herrmann Chairwoman and Chief Thought Leader, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, and a panel of expert guest speakers decode resilience. Watch it here.

Interested in learning more about Whole Brain® Thinking and how it can help you reach your full potential in 2021? Get in touch with Herrmann today.

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